Personal Service Excellence (P.S.E.)

Personal Accountability: Live the values of this organization, bring commitment and dedication to the workplace accept the responsibilities of your job. Speak professionally this is includes outside of your work area or department. Do the right thing even if no one is looking. Take pride in our facility as if you own it. Contribute to the overall cleanliness of the facility. Adhere to policies and procedures. Hold each other accountable to follow the Code of Business Conduct. Strive for continuous professional development.

Make A Point: Escort guests to their destination whenever possible. Make them feel welcome. When passing someone off, manage up the next person or department that will be taking over. Encourage guests to ask if they need help finding where they are going and assure them you are here to help. Use AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explain and Thank you). Consistently try to exceed guest's expectations, which will result in great satisfaction.

Personal Connection: Be respectful of patients/residents and make sure their information is kept confidential. Never discuss patient/resident's care in public areas or with your family and friends. Adhere to HIPPA. Be courteous of others feelings and situations. Find ways to create relationships with our patients/residents. Use their name with every interaction.

Positive Image: Come to work with a positive attitude. Present a positive image with friendly body language, facial expressions, and appearance. Wear your identification badge at all times. Follow dress code policies with a neat, clean and professional presentable appearance. Wear a smile.

Internal Service: Serve and care for our coworkers as we would for our patients and guests. Treat our colleagues as professionals through courtesy, honesty, and respect. Help new staff members feel welcome. Encourage other people's work by harvesting wins. This will encourage positive influences in the workplace. Model innovative behavior. Behavior that is rewarded and recognized will be hardwired.

Always Strive to Exceed: Go above and beyond in your job. Find a way to exceed the expectations of the guests/patients and say "yes" whenever possible. We are North Big Horn Hospital District. Thank our patients/guests/residents for trusting us with their care.

Phone Image: Present a friendly and positive phone image to the person on the other side of the phone. Display a welcoming greeting of who you are, what department you are in, followed by "How may I help you?" Try to address any issue or concern the patient/caller is looking for before transferring to a different department. Find out who the correct person is that the caller should be talking to and let them know who you are transferring them to. Consent with the caller/patient before placing them on hold or transferring them to another department. Be conscious of patient(s) privacy and their personal health information, in part with our policy and procedures. Most importantly thank the caller for calling NBHH and confirm we have met all their needs before leaving the call.

NO PASSING ZONE: Take responsibility to ensure patients/guests reach their destination. Speak clearly and in a friendly tone that is accommodating to that patient/guest. Listen to the patient/guest to ensure the destination will be able to help take care of their needs.

10 Ft. Circle: Be aware of your surroundings within your circle. Watch for others whom you have an opportunity to help have a good or better day by being friendly and exchanging greetings appropriately.

I have read the above P.S.E. Standards and believe in, and will abide by should I be hired as an NBHH employee.


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