Cameron Hospital Guiding Principle and Values

Guiding Principle - The guiding principle defines the purpose of Cameron Hospital - why we exist; and states what we intend to achieve in the future.

Our team commits to exceptional service and the highest quality, safest care - every patient, every time.

Values - Core beliefs that establish expectations for our individual and organizational actions. They represent the soul of Cameron Hospital, and provide foundation for the Cameron Guiding Principle.

Safety - Safety-first and always

Compassion - Demonstrating care and kindness through our actions

Integrity - We embrace strong moral and ethical principles

Teamwork - Together we're stronger

Stewardship - Responsibly using the resources entrusted to us.

Excellence - Committed to excellence

Respect - We honor the dignity of each individual

Wellness - Promoting overall health - mind, body and spirit

Please acknowledge that you've read the Cameron Hospital Guiding Principle and values and that you understand that these values are the basis for continued employment at Cameron Hospital.


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