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Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center

Sponsorship Request Form

Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center holds a deep commitment to organizations and events that promote health and wellness and support our community. Through our sponsorship program, we hope to build long-term relationships with partners in our community who share our goals and values.
Please submit all sponsorship requests at least 60 days before the event date. We will carefully consider each request and notify your organization within 30 days. Please provide the following information.
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General Questions
  List your current sponsors
  Are there any current sponsors that would be in direct competition with Andrews Sports Medicine?
If so, who?
  Is there any specific specialty you are interested in?
If so, why?
  What sets your sponsorship apart from your competitors?
  What are the benefits that Andrews Sports medicine would receive?
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* Radio - What were the radio ratings for your most recent event?
* Internet- What is the average number of hits you receive per month on your Web site?
* Print - Will your event/project have national coverage? Yes     No    
* Will your event/project have local coverage? Yes     No    
* On Site: How many on-site spectators/attendees are expected for your event/property?
* On-Site Signage: Will Andrews Sports Medicine have the opportunity to place signage on-site? Yes     No    
* Signage specifications (placement, size, quantity)?
* Will Andrews Sports Medicine have the opportunity to give away promotional items at your event/property? Yes     No    
* Event Type For Profit     Non-profit    
Contact Information
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  How does your event support youth and family events, and how will Andrews Sports Medicine benefit from this sponsorship?
  Please provide any additional information that would be beneficial in making the decision to sponsor your event.